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By Carlie Hunter

We compare the best home products to give you reliable purchasing advice.

Portable Washing Machines

Portable Washing Machines are a great choice for dorm rooms and houses that don’t have enough space for a full-sized washer. Compact, convenient, and energy efficient, the portable washer makes having to take a trip to the laundromat a thing of the past.

Portable Washing Machines

  • The Giantex portable mini twin tub washing machine is convenient, lightweight, and easy to use. The portable washing machine features a top loading 11lb capacity washing machine and a 6.6lb capacity spin dryer. The compact size makes the washer lightweight and easy to move. This washer is ideal for small loads but packs a lot of power with 300w in the washer and 110w in the spin dryer. Along with space convenience, the portable washer also saves time while washing clothes with a 15-minute washing time and a 5-minute drying time. The portable washer includes a detachable filter and drain tube which makes for easy cleaning. The washer is easy to use too, simply fill the washer with water and its ready to go.

  • The Super Deal portable compact mini twin tub washing machine is ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, and RV’s. With an 8lb capacity washing machine and 5lb capacity spin cycle the light weight washing machine is perfect for small spaces. The washer uses large wave pulses and new water flow that results in less twisting of clothes and better cleaning. This mini washer is energy efficient but still very powerful with a 13000RPM motor and a max frequency of 60Hz. Along with energy efficiency the washer is also time efficient with a 15-minute washing cycle and 5-minute spin cycle. The washer’s plastic design prevents rust damage and ensures that the washer will last and includes a draining tub to remove dirty water.

  • The Super Deal portable compact washing machine is great for the tiniest of places. The washer’s 5.5lb capacity and 4.5lb spin cycle capacity make this washer the smallest and lightest on the market. This washer is super simple to use, simply connect it to the kitchen faucet. The gentler washing cycle keeps clothes looking new longer and the true rinse technology with 2 deep rinses ensures that clothes are really clean. Also, the washer’s maximum water level rises all the way to the top so that every piece of clothing is thoroughly soaked. The portable washer was made to be compatible with every form of laundry detergent from pods to powder detergent. The plastic body and aluminum pump ensure its ability to wash for years.