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The Complete Guide To Portable Laundry

By Carlie Hunter

The complete guide to portable laundry. Our portable laundry guide is the perfect solution if you need to wash clothes but might not have space or money for a traditional full-size washer or dryer.

Clothes Drying Racks

Clothes Drying Racks are a great eco-friendly alternative to dryers. Drying racks use no energy to dry clothes which is not only good for the environment but your wallet too. Drying Racks also help keep clothes from shrinking and fading, unlike drying machines.

Portable Clothes Dryers

A portable clothes dryer is a perfect option if you need to dry clothes but might not have the space or money for a traditional full-size dryer. They offer all of the same features as it’s full-size counterparts! Portable dryers make a great choice for all your drying needs.

Portable Washing Machines

Portable Washing Machines are a great choice for dorm rooms and houses that don’t have enough space for a full-sized washer. Compact, convenient, and energy efficient, the portable washer makes having to take a trip to the laundromat a thing of the past.

Portable Washing Machines

  • The Giantex portable mini twin tub washing machine is convenient, lightweight, and easy to use. The portable washing machine features a top loading 11lb capacity washing machine and a 6.6lb capacity spin dryer. The compact size makes the washer lightweight and easy to move. This washer is ideal for small loads but packs a lot of power with 300w in the washer and 110w in the spin dryer. Along with space convenience, the portable washer also saves time while washing clothes with a 15-minute washing time and a 5-minute drying time. The portable washer includes a detachable filter and drain tube which makes for easy cleaning. The washer is easy to use too, simply fill the washer with water and its ready to go.

  • The Super Deal portable compact mini twin tub washing machine is ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, and RV’s. With an 8lb capacity washing machine and 5lb capacity spin cycle the light weight washing machine is perfect for small spaces. The washer uses large wave pulses and new water flow that results in less twisting of clothes and better cleaning. This mini washer is energy efficient but still very powerful with a 13000RPM motor and a max frequency of 60Hz. Along with energy efficiency the washer is also time efficient with a 15-minute washing cycle and 5-minute spin cycle. The washer’s plastic design prevents rust damage and ensures that the washer will last and includes a draining tub to remove dirty water.

  • The Super Deal portable compact washing machine is great for the tiniest of places. The washer’s 5.5lb capacity and 4.5lb spin cycle capacity make this washer the smallest and lightest on the market. This washer is super simple to use, simply connect it to the kitchen faucet. The gentler washing cycle keeps clothes looking new longer and the true rinse technology with 2 deep rinses ensures that clothes are really clean. Also, the washer’s maximum water level rises all the way to the top so that every piece of clothing is thoroughly soaked. The portable washer was made to be compatible with every form of laundry detergent from pods to powder detergent. The plastic body and aluminum pump ensure its ability to wash for years.

Portable Clothes Dryers

  • This Costway compact dryer can dry up to 10-lbs of clothing at a time, which is great for its small size and lightweight. It only weighs 37.3-lbs making it portable. This dryer can be placed on any flat surface, such as a counter or table, or mounted on the wall with a specially made bracket. With this product using 850w power, it ensures the drying capability of 10-lbs while offering speed drying on loads 5.5-lbs and smaller. Depending on what you’re drying Costway offers different cycles to fit your needs, cycles include: cool, warm, hot, and air dry. Costway also uses a stainless steel drying tub, making this dryer high quality and long-lasting.

  • Panda is a leader in compact appliances so they’re constantly innovating and making some of the best products on the market. No difference here, Panda offers a 2.6 cubic ft. drying drum managing a hefty 8.8-pound load which is great for its size. It comes equipped with a 120w plug-in cord for easy usage anywhere you like enhancing its portability. Panda includes their Intelligent Humidity Sensor (IHS) allowing this portable dryer to accurately determine the dampness of the clothing inside to give you the best dry available. Other features include a touch screen control panel, stainless steel drum, and a visually appealing design.

  • This compact spin dryer from Panda is one of the best selling portable clothes dryers on the market and it’s easy to see why. It’s a spin dryer so it uses high RPM to remove water from clothing rather than heating and slowly spinning the clothing like a traditional dryer. Weighing only 26 pounds and taking up very little space with its vertical design, this dryer is portable and can be used in a range of environments. The dryer has a stainless-steel exterior and that continues to the interior with a stainless-steel drum making it rust free and easy to clean. Another important feature Panda uses is the child safety lock, keeping the lid closed while in use.

Clothes Drying Racks

  • This foldable drying rack by Amazon Basics is a great alternative for a regular dryer. The drying rack uses an accordion design so that it can be folded up and moved out of the was easy. It is made out of a lightweight metal that makes moving a breeze and ensures that it can handle the weight of multiple items of clothing. The metal is coated in an epoxy gloss to ensure that the drying rack will not rust or mildew. The drying rack has 11 rods to makes sure there is enough room to dry multiple clothes. Four rods are available at the top to lay clothes over or hang clothes from. The remaining seven rods are placed below to provide space to hang smaller clothes from such as tee-shirts, socks, or delicate clothing.

  • The Mizgi clothes drying rack uses a unique 3 tier design to provide more space for clothing. With 6 retractable trays, this rack will be able to hold a whole load of clothes. This drying rack is easily collapsible to save space when not using. The drying rack includes 4 wheels, 2 wheels with brakes, to increase mobility and make this dryer easily movable. Made of premium iron pipe to ensure that it can hold all the weight of the clothes and it will not rust. Along with 3 tiers of racks to hang laundry from, this drying rack also includes two wing hooks for more space to hold clothes. Migzi is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, along with a 1-year warranty.

  • This drying rack by Honey-Can-Do has 46 feet of surface area drying space to accommodate many clothes at once. The perfect alternative to a regular dryer, this clothes drying rack saves money because it throws the need for a dryer out and keeps clothes looking newer longer. The rack transforms into six different positions for all drying needs and folds up for storage. The steel support arms on top help to support large loads or heavy garments. The rack also includes an additional mesh sweater rack and a place to dry shoes that keeps them in place. This rack is made of metal to prevent rust and is strong enough to withstand even the heaviest of garments. Overall, we found this drying rack to be a great choice!